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    Post  Phoebe on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:25 am

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    Out of the three starters for Kanto, my choice is pretty obvious. Charmander. The ONLY choice here. Come on, along with it being super-cute, it's got demon speed. And it evolves into CHARIZARD! The powerhouse of this entire generation! Really, no other choice.

    Bulbasaur is cool (great special attack!) but definitely not up to Charmander standards in my opinion. Out of the three Pokemon in it's evolutionary line, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur, I have to say Ivysaur is the coolest. These are so classic, but not awesome enough to make my favorite Kanto starter a hard decision.

    Although I adore Draciel on Beyblade, defensive is NOT my cup of tea, probably why Squirtle isn't a turn on. I love Wartortle though, but Blastiose and Squirtle? Uh, I'll take the Charmander please.

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    Totodile, Totodile! Yes, best starter ever! Although I used to be scared of them in the third grade, because my best friend's dad claimed to have a Feraligatr in the basement that was going to eat me (although we called them "Feel-a-gate-ers" back then). Anyway, awesome attack power! They're so cute too, like water-type Charmanders Very Happy

    I'm in love with Bayleef! I just want to die, those are the cutest Pokemon ever!! Meganium is grand too! Chikorita is almost perfect in every way for me, the only problem is that Totodile is just plain cooler.

    Cyndaquil, where do I begin? I love Cyndaquil!! Tied for my favorite with Chikorita and Totodile, this fiesty fire Pokemon is probably pretty high on my list of FAVORITE POKEMON EVER!!

    ::Starter Pokemon:: Sq1nw4

    There's not much to say about these ones. The best starters were in Johto, then Kanto, then Hoenn, and Sinnoh starters are the worst. I'm not even going to say anything about Treecko, it's just ugly.

    MUDKIP is the only good one, and it's still not even cool. Torchic is OK too, but Treecko? Come on. They should have stopped after Johto.

    ::Starter Pokemon:: Sljuoh

    Who left the Bulbasaur and the Squirtle alone? Because this looks like a cross breed. Turtwig, while it is the best of all the Sinnoh (bleash) starters, is lame. And no, I don't like monkeys either. No, not even Aipom really, and it's a Johto! GASP! Chimchar is not a Pokemon you want to get me started on. Piplup is cute though.

    So... tell! What do you think is you favorite starter?

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    Post  Princesska28 on Sun May 09, 2010 1:51 am

    The ranks are:

    1. Chickorita ( So cute and fresh! )
    2. Torchic ( It exectlly look like Chicko. Now what Chickums or Torchko? ( Combo of Chicko and Smoochum or a Combo of Torchic and Chicko? )
    3. Piplup ( Water! I love water! Also I have a toy of it )
    4. Charmander ( I don't wanna burn. I want Charizard better )

    Like it? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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