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    Second Film information (spoiler!)


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    Second Film information (spoiler!) Empty Second Film information (spoiler!)

    Post  Sen on Tue May 18, 2010 3:40 pm

    some stuff I translated for others XD

    the winx in 3D
    a unique experience!

    In cinemas only, out on October 29th 2010!

    a sneak peak of the most beautiful images for you, the readers!

    the most magical adventure
    what will happen to our friends the Winx in the new movie?
    We last saw them with their glittering evening gowns during the grand evening ball organised in Domino's castle. Bloom, however, after freeing her kingdom from the Ancestral Witches' spell and being reunited with her parents, is ready to begin a new life ...

    In Domino's kingdom
    Bloom has a special new friend: his name is Peg and he's a gift from mom Marion and dad Oritel! They spend entire days togehter, enchanted by Domino's beautiful nature.

    Bloom's love life is also great! Everything seems so perfect
    Together they truly are beautiful!

    Life in Domino, however, does also mean having a few obligations.
    Meaning that princess Bloom must always be impeccable and elegant.

    and who helps her with this severe/hard/ task?

    The 3 nice lackeys are prepared to do anything to make her happy...
    Even if that sometimes means problems/trouble (((meaning that not everything goes smoothly)

    These and more things/facts/news will be released in theatres on October 29! Meanwhile, don't forget to buy the nex winx club magazine for more previews!

    Have you already read in your winx club magazine number 74 the previews of WINX CLUB 3D MAGIC ADVENTURE which will be released in theatre in October 2010?


    Then you must know that bloom will have a new adventurous friend! It's a special friend, it's PEG, the beautiful fullblood her parents, mom Marion and dad Oritel, gave to BLoom. Peg has a white pelage/fur that feels like velvet, and its manes are of gold; riding with him through the fields and nature of Domino is a real pleasure for Bloom...


    and you, do you like horses? Would you like to have one and know a bit more about them?


    Erendor - Sky's father is a man tormented by guilt. He abbandoned Oritel after promising him that he would protect the kingdom of Domino (Sparks). This betrayal took care that the Ansestral Witches could destroy the planet of Erendo's best friend, Oritel. Now Erendor lives in remorse. When Sky decides to marry Bloom, Elendor forbids Sky to keep on seeing Bloom en tells him the sad story. Sky's father hopes this will releave him of his guilt. Elendor promises to protect Bloom and regain Oritel's friendship, respect and the love of everyone.

    more coming soon ^^

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