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    The bad guys win this time! A fanfic


    The bad guys win this time! A fanfic Empty The bad guys win this time! A fanfic

    Post  EvilWinx on Wed May 26, 2010 4:43 pm

    (AN: This is a fanfic about Icy Darcy and Stormy winning against the winx club! They might kill some (if not all) of them so yeah... if you don't like that then don't read it! Razz )
    When the Bad Guys Win
    By EvilWinxGirl Twisted Evil
    Chapter 1, The Evil Plan

    Icy, Darcy and Stormy were three very misunderstood girls, you see everyone thinks they were always evil. But the truth is, the read a legend once. A legend about a girl that had a power she didn't know about. The dragonfire, one of the most powerful powers ever, however she wouldn't use it wisly and she would end up putting the whole univeresre into destruction! And so with all their might they tried to stop the girl from making that legend come true...

    Well there must be something we can do, Stormy said. I wish there was replied Darcy. They were all in a secret room tring to figure out a plan. I have an idea... Icy began, is it a good one? her sisters interrupted. Well if you would let me finish you'd find out! Icy said angrily. Anyway as I was saying, mabye we could try getting rid some of the other winx first, and then when it's down to Bloom she'll be so heartbroken over the loss of her friends that we can just take the power from her!

    You know that might actually be a good idea, said Darcy. Yes but how will we do it? asked Stormy. That is what we still need to figure out Icy said. Let's see that blonde loser Stella is always getting in the way we should kill her first! Icy said. No said Darcy, I think we should just kidnap her, that we can also have the ring of Solaria!

    The bad guys win this time! A fanfic Empty Please at least comment!

    Post  EvilWinx on Thu May 27, 2010 5:57 pm

    You guys can at least comment on here so I know wether to continue or not, thanks!!! EvilWinxGirl

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