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    We're Haters of Fairly OddParents!


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    We're Haters of Fairly OddParents! Empty We're Haters of Fairly OddParents!

    Post  Princesska28 on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:33 am

    Well I have this friend in Angela's Winx Forum. She is like my second conscience. The first one was Pann. And I built a topic called Please do not make fun of Winx. and is her opinion:

    Miss Fail [Aquarabbit] wrote:Well, that wasn' horrible. It could've been much worse...but I don't really think the video was that...funny, actually. I don't know, they probably put a lot of work into it could've been way better. I really hate how they made the winx girls stupid though. If you're making robots, they either need to be extremely smart with little personality, or a little smarter than average with lots of personality. At leasts, that's how I like my robots. If robots are dumb and can't do what you program them to do...what's the point? You're better off scrapping them and building better ones. Sure, if you become emotionally attatched to one, that's ok.

    I couldn't finish the video, so if I missed something, sorry...

    One last thing. I don't like it when people stereotype fairies into wish-granting girls who can't fight...I prefer to have my fairies capable of fighting, and not the size of a pixie. I'm fine with both concepts, but I hate how people put down fantasy stories just because it has fairies who can beat people up in it..

    This girl is telling the truth. And here is my opinion:

    Fairly OddParents is the second cartoon I seem to love. I found some girly cartoons that I start to love. And my mom bought me a DS Lite. With Mission Enchantix in it. I dumped Fairly OddParents into a big dump of unloved shows. And I started sticking with winx. And I started watching Anime on TV. And I saw Hoshi no Kaabii. Started liking and I turned into a die-hard fan of it. Fairly OddParents will stay loser. They tried to repeat every joke and have some aldut-recomended jokes. It gets very annoying that I was starting to be a die-hard hater of it. Poof is cute though. So I still like him.

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