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    What?!? TIK's ( Tara,Ian and Kaila's ) favorite Pokemon



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    What?!? TIK's ( Tara,Ian and Kaila's ) favorite Pokemon

    Post  Princesska28 on Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:09 am

    Huh?!! Huh!?! The new Pokemon in the show! lol! Warning this is just a joke!

    This Pokemon is one of the Pokemon known born from " Fairy Eggs ". Having both Electric, Fire and Ice Powers that can make a red steam. It has Plusle's ears. Glaceon's body and Cyndaquil's " tail ". This Pokemon only gets angry when being hurt in outside feelings and inside feelings. When this Pokemon is calmed down. The owner who rejected it will be hypnotised by it and will own it again. It will do it only if it's owner have enough experience on it and have bonded.

    Ok so, do you think it should be in the show??

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